Fluoride Therapy, It’s Not Just For Kids.

We all readily accept the industry standard of two fluoride treatments per year for children regardless of insurance coverage, but why aren’t adults getting regular fluoride treatments? Recent studies have shown that the benefits of fluoride are not limited to children. In fact, fluoride therapy in adults may be even more beneficial than previously thought.  We use a specially formulated fluoride varnish here in the office that has 4x more fluoride than our prescription toothpaste (Clinpro) and the effects can last 3-6 months in most patients. Keep reading to learn how fluoride can benefit you.

  • Flouride can reduce or eliminate sensitivity caused by erosion of enamel
  • It reduces dental decay from a variety of causes, including dry mouth and receding gums
  • Maintains the integrity of older dental work by preventing “recurrent decay”
  • Strengthens enamel demineralized by acidic soft drinks , sport beverages, etc.
  • Extends the lifespan of crowns and bridges by strengthening the junction between the restoration and the natural tooth.
  • Works with prescription toothpaste for an added fluoride boost

While it is true that most dental insurance doesn’t cover fluoride treatments for adults, the cost is far less than a co-pay on restorative dental treatment. Dr. Glass is running a special on Adult Fluoride Therapy, right now the cost is $25.00 ($5.00 off our regular price). Be sure to ask Cindie for it at your next cleaning appointment!

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