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26 thoughts on “What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

  1. I have been a patient of Dr. Glass’ for 20+ years and wouldn’t go to anyone else. I have such a comfort level when I step into the office and know that I am going to receive excellent dental care. I have referred many friends and co-workers to Dr. Glass and have always received positive feedback from their experience.

  2. I tried Conscious Oral Sedation for the first time at my last appointment and I was extremely pleased and will definitely do it again. I am very claustrophobic and usually dread my dental appointments. Usually when Dr. Glass is working on me, especially in the back of my mouth, I have to get up out of the chair several times during the procedure. This time my wife drove me to my appointment, and the next thing I remember was heading home!

  3. I highly recommend Dr. Glass and his great staff! I have had my dental work done here since I moved to Littleton in the 80’s. Dr. Glass always does great work on my crowns and fillings. Cindie also does a great job on cleanings! My last visit involved a crown replacement that required oral sedation, with the medication Halcion. This medication worked great. I was still conscious enough to hear and understand Dr. Glass’ instructions if he needed me to open wide or turn around. However the medicine made me very relaxed, not anxious at all, and I hardly even remember anything about the procedure. The only thing is you do need a ride to and from the dentist if using this medication, as you cannot drive yourself. The overall experience went just fine and the medicine helped to make it go smoothly.

  4. I would highly recommend Dr. Glass and would refer my family and friends to him with no hesitation. I have been his patient for several years then due to a change in insurance had to go to someone else. I soon learned that Dr. Glass was a much better choice! I happily went back. His care and concern for his patients is so refreshing, Cindy and Melissa are wonderful to me also! I recently used the conscious Oral Sedation for the first time and it made me so relaxed I was not anxious at all during my crown work . I would do it again. I always feel I’m in good hands with Dr. Glass and his staff.

  5. I have been seeing Dr. Glass for about 13 or 14 years now. He is by far the best dentist I have ever had in my life! I have special needs with what teeth I have left due to no dental care growing up (dirt poor) He has managed to keep these last 18 teeth in my head for ten years noe. He accepts most insurance even if he is out of your metwork. You will just have to pay more. You get sticker shock at first, as he is not the cheapest dentist around, but he is definetley THE BEST. I always say, “you get what you pay for!” Very pleasent chairside manner and his staff have been with him for years. I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with his services!

  6. As a patient of this practice, I have always felt very well taken care of. I am the biggest baby about having work done on my teeth!!! The patience and thorough knowledge of Dr.Glass and Cindy and Melissa have made all the difference in the world to me for the last twenty years. Sometimes they even laugh at my corny jokes!

  7. When I moved to Denver in 1985, a dental referral service recommended Dr. Glass. He has now been my dentist for almost 30 years and even though I am retired, have no dental insurance, and moved to Aurora over 5 years ago, I still see him every six months for a check up and recommended procedures. My son, when in high school, had his front teeth knocked out playing football in the yard with a friend and had to have a permanent bridge and artificial bone inserted by Dr. Glass. My son never had a problem with this procedure and is only now having them replaced due to the length of time they have been in place and he is 39. Cindie does a very thorough cleaning and is extremely pleasant as is everyone on staff from Jodi, the receptionist, to Dr. Glass as he performs your exam after cleaning. Dr. Glass is very soft spoken and will take the time to answer all your questions. I have never had to return for any additional work due to any procedure that he has performed, as it is done correctly the first time. And, the staff keeps up with the latest technology and equipment to make your visit as painless as possible.
    L.S., Aurora, CO

  8. Dr. Glass and his staff have been providing dental care for myself, my husband, and my three daughters since he first started out in a little office behind the Dairy Queen. My oldest daughter and her husband and children all travel from Denver to see him. He saved my youngest daughter’s teeth after a softball accident when she was twelve. My middle daughter who is now in the military has been told she has had excellent dental care .Dr. Glass straightened her teeth and gave her a beautiful smile. As for myself, Dr. Glass has saved all my teeth many times over. He is quiet, caring, and precise. His staff is so nice and we never mind going to the dentist. Dr. Glass always calls to see how I am doing. A wonderful man and the best dentist ever. Jean Baker

  9. My wife and I have been patients for over 30 years, the last 10 of which we’ve traveled 800 miles one way for each visit. We wouldn’t do this if Dr. Glass and his staff weren’t phenomenally gifted. If you’ve never been to a lesser skilled dentist, you’ll likely not fully appreciate the level of care you will receive from this practice. It is the very best! We wouldn’t consider another dental provider.

    • Thank you so much for your kind review! Seeing you two is always a highlight of our year! We really appreciate your dedication, our practice wouldn’t be the same without you!

  10. We have been going to Dr. Glass for 20 years! The professional, courteous service we receive has kept us coming back. The office staff is great, and Cindie has been the best hygienist we have ever gone to. We are grateful to have been referred to them all thiose years ago, and highly recommend them!

  11. After being a victim of bad dental work, I asked my supervisor if she knew a good dentist; she recommended Dr. Walter Glass. Our family has seen Dr. Glass for all of our dental needs for over 20 years (check-ups, fillings, root canals, gum surgery, and now implants). He is very gentle and always calls to check to see how I am feeling the evening after I have had a procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Glass, hygienist – Cindie (very thorough), Assistant – Melissa, and front desk – Jodie, great staff.

  12. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Glass’ and his wonderful staff since the early 80’s and have experienced nothing but excellent treatment, service and dedication. I’m always treated professionally and carefully, with a great deal of concern for my comfort level, especially while having more difficult procedures completed. Even though I moved about an hour north of the office, I still prefer to commute the distance rather than trying to find another excellent dentist and staff that I trust. Thank You for the fine service. Bob

    • You are so welcome Bob, it is our pleasure to have you in our practice after all these years! Thank you for your kind words!

  13. I have been seeing Dr. Glass for 32 years and have had fillings, crowns, bonding and even braces at age 60. He does the highest quality work and I’ve had crowns last 25 years. The staff is also very competent and they’re all very nice and caring people.

  14. Our family has been patients of Dr. Glass and his team for 18 years. He has always been kind, professional, caring and excellent at explaining each step of any procedure. Cindy is wonderful and works hard to keep our teeth in great condition. The office staff is friendly and efficient. Highly recommend!!!

  15. Hello everyone!
    First off I wanted to say how much I like the entire staff and Dr. Glass is the BEST dentist I’ve ever been too. Now my real reason for this testimonial. I have had a problem,for numerous years, with grinding my teeth at night. I’ve tried every “over the counter” mouth guard there is to no avail. So as not to make this a novel he presented me with the option of an upper teeth mouth guard. I was a little concerned because it fits over all of the upper teeth and is a hard guard, not a soft one. He explained that soft guards really do no good to prevent damage (which I agree completely) . I was waking up with headaches, my gums hurt and I was chipping away a little bit of my teeth. So I took Dr. Glass’ advice and got fitted for the mouth guard, and I gotta say I haven’t looked back!!!!! No more headaches, gum issues, absolutely Fabulous!!!! And it fits great!! Please DON’T shy away because you think it may be too big, not going to be able to sleep with it, going to be uncomfortable……None of these are true!!! The day I got mine I used it that night & I’ve used it every night since. It’s comfortable AND its protecting my teeth!!! Please don’t be leary if this is an option for you. No other mouth guard I’ve used has worked even half as good. This is my testimonial

  16. Dr Glass…thank you for my recent crown removal and new crown. Thanks to the conscious sedation pill I had absolutely no ill effects. After the procedure I was able to rest comfortably at home and the next day NO stiff jaw ! I was relaxed and at ease during the procedure. Thanks to you and your staff I am a very happy with my new crown. I am so delighted with your work and your attention to detail.

    Have a great day.

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