Anxiety Free Dentistry

If we told you there was a way for you to have your dental treatment accomplished in minimal visits with no pain and little memory of the experience what would you say?  Research shows that almost 30% of the population avoids going to the dentist due to fear. Some studies show this number to be closer to 50%, but whatever the actual number is, no one should avoid protecting their dental health because of fear or anxiety. It is our goal to serve all of our patients with compassion and to meet their needs for emotional well being as well as to keep their mouths healthy. We understand that fear comes in all shapes and sizes, it knows no age limits, nor is it something that is foolish or silly. It is real, and we offer a very real solution. Dr. Glass can provide Conscious Oral Sedation for all of your dental treatment, making your visit a pleasant and stress free experience.

Conscious Oral Sedation creates the most relaxed and comfortable appointment possible while you, the patient, remain awake and conscious. It is referred to as a moderate level of sedation. You will be given an oral medication, your vital signs will be closely monitored and you will be brought to a level of sedation that allows you to maintain your own airway and reflexes, and respond to verbal and physical requests. Although you remain awake for the entire procedure, the amnesia effects of the medication leave many patients feeling like they slept through the entire appointment.  So, who are the best candidates for Conscious Oral Sedation? Well, anyone with a severe gag response, anxious or fearful patients, anyone who is resistant to local anesthesia,  patients who have extensive treatment planned but do not want to come in for multiple visits, and anyone who is sensitive to post operative pain would all be considered good candidates. Even better, we offer this service at a very minimal cost to you. Most insurance companies do not cover sedation, but at a fraction of the cost of intravenious sedation (less than $40.00) it is a fee that our patients are happy to pay for a relaxed dental experience.
            It is our sincere hope that by offering this service to our patients, everyone can have a healthy and pain free mouth without fear or anxiety attached. If this sounds right for you, talk to Dr. Glass at your next appointment, and get started on the road to great oral health!

What is Conscious Oral Sedation?

Did you know?….

It has been brought to our attention that many of our patients are not aware that Dr. Glass is qualified to administer Oral Conscious Sedation. You may ask, “What is that?” Well, it allows our patients who are anxious about having their dental work done or have many procedures to complete, to receive their treatment in a comfortable, stress-free way. The “Conscious” part of it is what is most appealing. It means that you are not “put under” with an I.V. Instead, you’re awake, can breathe on your own, can talk and are responsive.
Its a very simple process. You are sent home with an oral medication (Halcion) to take on an empty stomach one hour before your scheduled appointment. You will need transportation to and from your appointment as you will not be alert enough to drive yourself. When you arrive we will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and will determine if more oral medication needs to be administered before your procedure. As far as the actual dental procedure goes, not much will change. We still administer local anesthesia to keep you free from pain. Our patients tell us that it makes them feel like they are in a “dream like” state. Many of our patients don’t remember the procedure itself, and those that do, say it seemed like it only took a few minutes instead of the actual length of time. Once you are home, it typically takes a few hours for the medication to wear off and your dental work is done, anxiety free!